AS9100D Common Nonconformance’s

January 2018

AS9100 Compliance 80302802During recent months, ASR has shared with clients the common nonconformance's written against recently revised standards. This article reviews AS9100D:2015 nonconformance's written within the last several months by ASR's aerospace auditors.

Few NC's were written against Sections 4 (3 NC's), 5 (NC's), 6 (3NC's) with no NC's written in section 10. A quick summary of the findings found in Sections 7, 8 and 9 may be helpful as organizations continue working with their AS9100D quality system.

Auditors wrote 17 NC's in Section 7 with most findings being calibration. Organizations have struggled through the years with calibration. Auditors continue to find instruments not on a calibration list and instruments overdue for calibration. Continual calibration findings from the third-party auditor may suggest to internal auditors that more frequent audits of the calibration system are necessary.

Section 8 saw 31 NC's written with the bulk of the findings in the purchasing flow down requirement to suppliers. It appears organization's do not understand their responsibility for passing along to suppliers necessary specification/information in order to complete a job.

Contract review also received NC's as well as manufacturing. Big issue here is organization's not following their work instructions and using obsolete instructions. Again, this suggest internal auditors need to audit work instructions more frequently.

Section 9 received 5 NC's for internal auditing not being effective. These findings included not addressing all sections of AS9100D, using Rev C as the basis for the internal audit, and internal auditors lacking training of the new standard.

Nonconformance's were also written against management review. Findings found management review meetings were held before conclusion of the Rev D audit by internal auditors.

Hopefully, awareness of these common nonconformance's will aid an AS9100D organization to make improvements that can help to effectively drive their business for results.

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