How to find an ISO 9001 Registrar

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ISO certified golden labelThe final step in your quest for registration is the third party audit by a Certification Body (CB) or registrar. 

where do you find a registrar? 

How do you choose the right ISO 9001 registrar? 

Your ISO registrar becomes a business partner.  Because the CB looks in depth at your operation, they will fundamentally understand your business.  Their goal is to help assess your adherence to the ISO 9001 standard and provide opportunites for improvement.  They will document where you conform and where you do not.  Their efforts will help your operation; and only a business partner takes this view.

So, when you are out looking for a new business partner (ISO registrar), you consider spending time researching their:
What to others say about the registrar?  Customer testimonials are a very important indicator of your satisfaction with a Certification Body (i.e. Registrar).  Follow up with a registrar's clients and find out how the registrar performed.  You should also reach out to colleagues and get their opinions.  

An ISO registrar should be accredited by a nationally recognized body.  Just as you are being audited for quality, the registrar must also meet strict standards.  There are registrars that are not certified and are willing to sell you a certificate.  This certificate may look good hanging on the wall, but it has no value to your organization in the long run.

You should demand a high quality when selecting a registrar just as you demand high quality from your suppliers and from your operations.  Some registrars only assess your quality management system's conformance to the standard.  Other registrars go further to document and report on areas for improvement; and how to improve your quality systems and methods.

You should understand the registrar's mission and its strategic plans. Is their main business to crank up the number of audits per month, or to build a long term relationship?  Also, check their responsiveness to your Request for Information; do they return your query quickly?

Request a quote for a review or an ISO standards auditA good way to determine a registrar's quality is to measure its responsiveness to your requests. Why should you select a business partner that doesn't respond efficiently to your initial inquiries?

There are a number of registrars that will lock you into their service.  Be sure you read the contract carefully and be sure the legal agreement between your organization and the registrar gives you a way to terminate the contract (without a penalty fee) if you are not satisfied with the service.

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