Creating a Good Management Review System

Tuesday, 04 October 2011
Rand E. Winters - ASR Senior Auditor
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man-writing-in-plannerISO's series of standards including AS 9100 and ISO/TS 16949 require an annual management review. Results of management reviews should lead to an improving quality management system and key business processes.

Trends in the use of ISO 9001 and the other standards show that organizations are holding management reviews more frequently than once per year. When this activity is conducted yearly it is more like reviewing history that cannot be changed.

Reviewing an organization's operations several times during a year gives top management an opportunity to look at  operating trends. This periodic look allows for adjustments that can impact a company's operations for the remainder of the year.

Many firms have found much benefit from the more frequent management reviews that they are now including parts  and pieces of the annual review during monthly staff meetings or quarterly meetings.

Management Reviews conducted on a more frequent basis should focus on items that are more relevant to on-going  production. Examples might be product and process performance, and customer feedback and satisfaction. Occasional discussions may include internal audits, and quality policy and quality objectives.

Multiple Management Reviews during a year are not required to discuss all items at every meeting as stated in ISO 9001: 5.6.1 and 5.6.2. During a year all items found in 5.6 shall be discussed at least once.

Asian-Business-man-reviewing-a-documentBelow is a matrix addressing the mandatory Management Review items. The matrix provides space to document when  agenda items are evaluated. The matrix should be maintained by the management representative and used to ensure  that all required items are discussed at least once per year. Many agenda items will be discussed in every meeting.

What should be documented?

See page 8 for a proposed meeting agenda outlining all items required by ISO 9001. Items not discussed at a meeting  would be indicated with ND or some other mark in the appropriate space. The agenda could be in a Word format and someone in attendance taking notes on the meeting agenda during the meeting.

What is important is to maintain a rolling action list to capture important items that need attention. Additionally, to  follow-up on those items to ensure improvement is addressed and a record is maintained. This process can be a business improvement tool.

You may find the following documents helpful.  Click here to review some helpful management review documents:
  • Action Item List from Management Review and Other Sources
  • Suggested Management Review Agenda
  • Management Review Meeting Matrix

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