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ASR formed an alliance with,  As an ASR client you are able to have as many employees take any course as often as needed.  This allows clients to extend quality management system training topics to all their employees.  ASR clients receive a 50% discount on all training or corporate plans. 

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Here are the current online course offerings:

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Standards Training Anytime, Anywhere

Selecting the right type of training and delivery method has become easier over the past few years.  One of the best learner-centered method is online classes or eLearning.

ASR has offered public training clients since 2006.  We are working with an organization to offer courses to an unlimited number of people within our client's organization.  All the online courses will be available to the public as well as our clients.

Top reasons why online classes are one of the ways to increase your professional credentials and provide additional expertise to your organization's Quality Management System.

Cost Savings:

Because of the costs, organizations only train a few people; Online quality courses at work or at homenot everyone that needs it.  To  train the entire staff or work group, training can cost thousands of dollars. Whether you're an employee, an employer or going it alone. The money saved from travel alone can be substantial especially at today's fuel prices. Then there's hotel and meals. It gets worse if you have to fly and then rent a car.

Improve Your Professional credentials:

If you are looking to advance within your organization and become a quality expert with more authority - online training is more accessible and available.  By taking training at home or on the job, it is easier to upgrade your professional skills and educational credentials. Online classes let you study anytime, anywhere. No travel time is spent going to off-site classes.

Course Materials Stay Current:

Course materials are updated as the subject matter changes.  You are able to learn about the latest information as it occurs - no waiting for publishing - a tremendous benefit.

Courses at Your Pace:

Online training allows you to study and learn at your pace, not the instructor's. You can focus on the areas most important to you. You can review a topic as many times as you want.

Easy to Do:

The course material is online and available at any time.


Off site classes or seminars are presented by one, maybe two, experts on the topic. With the online method, there are multiple experts available.


Studies have found that online learning results are similar to those from traditional classes. In some cases the results are improved because the training is available at the point of need. Lessons can be applied on the job during the course.

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