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Design and Manufacture Speed Sensors, Thermocouples and Tachometer Products which Protect and Monitor Rotating Equipment for Industrial, Commercial, Military, Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Will connectors be supplied with Tachtrol units?

Does Tachtrol Plus have memory?
Does Tachtrol have any capability to display graphic information (plots, etc)?
Does programming using TT only save the information on the unit, or can it be sent to a computer for storage possibly through Tachlink?
Can the IR Remote be used in an intrinsically safe environment?
Is AI-Tek willing to program explosion proof TP units for a charge as a value-add service?
Is TP only available in Din Rail?
Has TP/TT been tested for vibration?
Does AI-Tek provide boring out gear service?
Does TP/TT store any data before plotting is started (can data before request to plot be recovered)?
Can the unit be programmed to start storing data when we first get analarm situation?
If you have four or five TPís that you want to program off the same Tachlink installation, how can they be arranged; how does Tachlink recognize the TP it is looking at?
Will Tachlink be loaded onto the website and updated as we make improvements?
Is TP/TT certified for electro-magnetic compatibility?
How do I calibrate my analog output?
My analog output is no longer accurate or seems to be stuck on a single value.
I purchased a TP or TT 30 and cannot program my analog output or Solid State relays. The fields in TACHLINK are either missing or grayed-out.
I purchased a TT 10, 30 or plus and the display reads ìDisplay is Offlineî.
I have Windows 7 and cannot get TACHLINK to install or I cannot communicate with the tach and may get the message ìNo AI-Tek Tachometer device foundî.
I have Windows 2000 or XP and cannot get TACHLINK to install or I cannot communicate with the tach and may get the message ìNo AI-Tek tachometer device foundî.
My old TP3 had four mechanical relays and the new TP/TT 30 has 2 mechanical and 2 solid state relays. What can I do to add more mechanicalrelays or increase the contact rating?
My old TP3 had a 0-1 ma meter driver output. How do I get that from the TP / TT30?
How do I connect my sensor to AI-Tek tachometers?
What comes with each tachometer?

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