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tips to make the audit process easier and more efficient for your staff.

Tip 1:

  1. Knowledgeable escort who knows respective department heads
  2. Availability of personnel at each audit stop
  3. If possible, avoid scheduling in-house meetings (except with customers) at the same time of audit.
  4. Ensure data is readily available to avoid last minute scramble to find.
  5. New employees should have access to knowledgeable person if needed
  6. Consultants who attend the audit should not respond to audit questions.
  7. Top mgmt available for closing meeting
  8. Remember, participation in the audit is wider than the quality department

Tip 2:

A week or so in advance of your ASR's auditor arrival, supervisors should ensure quality objectives and process metrics that impact employees are reviewed.

Action plans that resulted from poor metric performance should be shared with employees so everyone is knowledgeable, and can comfortably discuss performance metrics with the auditor.

Tip 3:

Scheduling Your Audit.....

Ever feel that ASR is always at your door? Your latest audit is a wrap and ASR's scheduling team (Julie & Betsy) is back on the hot line setting up the next audit date. No doubt it is a little puzzling!

Auditor resources and oversight rules drive the scheduling timetable. ASR's match makers, Julie and Betsy, work 8-12 months out matching auditor's open dates with clients taking into account ANAB's rules for when surveillance audits and re-certifications must occur.

Julie and Betsy make every effort to accommodate the needs of ASR's clients. If there is a potential for travel-related cost savings among neighboring clients, they will work to schedule those audits back to back. Makes it a littler easier on auditor travel, and clients can take advantage of shared expenses where appropriate. Saving the dates so far in advance also means our clients can plan around the audit as meetings get scheduled throughout the year.

In the meantime, if you have scheduling questions, Julie and Betsy are ready to help! Call us anytime at 888-891-9002 or 616-942-6273.

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