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ISO Registrar Client Testimonials

From hearing feedback from clients who have transferred to ASR, it's how we handle the audit from start to finish they appreciate the most. They enjoy the communication and timely response.

They appreciate being treated like a valued partner and not a number on a certificate. Our goal is to make the whole registration process a positive experience, from handling a question on an invoice, to answering a question on interpretation of the standard or providing a timely quote.

We also communicate throughout the audit process with the client and measure their feedback on how we are performing.

Another Recommendation

Rand is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him as an auditor to my colleagues. 

Jason Markham
Belding Tool

Re-Certification Benefit

We would like to have John again at the re-certification. We all benefited from his knowledge and in depth knowledge of the industry. 

Marlene Gaberel
Connecticut Coining, Inc.


You've once again exceeded our expectations. Brad is fantastic!

Thanks again. 

Becky Blatchford
Premiere Printing

True Professional

Gene is a true professional in every sense of the word. 

Mike Hopkins

ASR Kept Us On Track

Bob was very helpful in keeping us on the right track and adding value by pointing out OFI's. He also made every effort to explain things in layman's terms to help with our organization personnel in understanding the standard. 

Chris Wilson
Duo-Form Plastics

Value and Service

ASR continues to provide value and service to acknowledge and promote our company in the aerospace machining environment. 

Mark Singer
Engel Mfg

ASR was awesome

I just wanted to let you know that I did complete the Survey. Also for what it’s worth, I’ve been in the AS9100 Playground for years. I have never dealt with a better prepaid Auditor or one with more knowledge and capability to break things down in a comprehensive way than Andy Bravo. I was a manager for 15 + years and have been audited more times than I can count. This Gentleman was truly great!  I just wanted to take a second and let Someone know that ASR was awesome! 

Michael Pursley
Plant Operations Manager.
Painting Technology Inc.

Helped become Worldclass

This is personally my second experience with the TS16949 audit and although I feel my company has done our best to "do what we say" I have had the opportunity to learn something new each time Bob has audited ConForm Automotive. Bob continues to give CF new and fresh ideas to add to our system which will help us become a World Class Organization. 

Dmitri Williams
ConFrom Automotive

Apprehension Abated

Shouldn't have had the apprehension as Paul conducted a very professional audit, and definitely added value beyond what I would expect from a surveillance audit. Needless to say, I'm really glad we made the decision to use ASR as our registrar when we began our ISO journey. 

Doug White
L.O.F., Inc.

Effort and Insight

It was a great experience and a learning one at that. I appreciate all the effort to help support us and giving my company the insight to keep with our continuous improvement goals going into the future. 

David Thornton
Terry's Machine and MFG

Positive Discussions

Max was very thorough. Had a positive discussion about upcoming rev change to ISO. 

Steven Perry
RAF Electronic Hardware

A Wealth of Knowledge

It was a pleasure to work with all three auditors. Each brought a wealth of knowledge and experience and used that to conduct an audit which will result in continual improvement at HAVS. 

Tony Wolfram
Hutchinson Antivibration Systems, Inc.

Knows Manufacturing

No suggestions (for improvement), it's always been a positive and value added experience having Doug onsite because of his overall knowledge of the ins and outs of manufacturing. 

Eric Rubenbauer
Avon Hi-Life

Our QMS Improved

ASR and the auditor (Carol Robinson) has provide excellence service and support in the maintenance and improvement of our QMS. 

Dwayne Bruce
Hogge Precision Parts Co.

Professionalism while easing our concerns

Dan has always presented the audit with professionalism and even humor to ease the concerns of the interviewees. He has good recollections of what improvements and changes we've accomplished. 

James Bender
IMT (Integrated Microwave Technologies)

On Track Yet Flexible

Bart helped keep things on track and was flexible with the schedule which was appreciated. 

David Hoague

ASR took time to learn about us.

Jim is probably one of the most professional, educational, informative, accommodating and personable auditors I've had the pleasure of working with since joining the civilian sector 16 years ago. He makes it a point to learn about, understand and know his clients. ASR is and has always been very supportive of MMP and we greatly appreciate it. I will complete the survey very soon.

Ron Holcomb, Plant Manager
Marshall Metal Products

Beyond the Required

The audit went well and Brad was great! He offered help in areas that I felt were beyond what was required of him and it was greatly appreciated.  He gave great advice and suggestions for success with our future switch to 2015. Value added.

A big thank you to your team as well. Everyone is so easy to communicate with and extremely helpful. It has been a pleasure working with all of you! 

Kim Sherwood
Advantage Label & Packaging

Last Minute Success

Service was very good. It was a last minute Transfer request / re-certification and all correspondence were expedited in a professional manner. We were satisfied with the auditor, as he was thorough and very fair. 

Stevens Co. Inc.

Choosing ASR was a good decision

Moving to ASR this year from another auditing firm, proved to be a very good decision for NGM. thank you. 

Mike Kasten
Northern Gear and Machining

Meticulous Work

Bob is meticulous as well as sensitive to our needs. He is one of the best auditors we have had. 

Ralph Snyder
ATC Drivetrain, LLC

Phenomenal Job

ASR has done a phenomenal job of supporting our certification maintenance. 

Michael Rochholz
Craft Precision, Inc.

Well Defined - On Schedule Audit

The auditors were personable and easy to talk to.  The process was well defined and stayed to schedule.  The administrative assistance has been great at facilitating our questions and getting answers to us.  I felt much less like a number and more like an individual with ASR than I had with other registrars.  Thanks for your pro-active stance on customer service. 

Brian Cassada
Quality Compliance Manager
Chicago Magnesium

Breathing Easier

Our company's leadership enjoys an outbrief each day so that they can stay on top of the needs. A thorough review of the day's activities, observations, recommendations, and what is coming for tomorrow. Our leadership has taken an pro-active stance to quality and likes to be fully engaged in the process. Thanks for the audit and efforts to get our certificate. Your professionalism and customer service was great. You all were a breath of fresh air. 

Brian Cassada
Chicago Magnesium Casting Company, Inc.

We know more about ISO

Brad makes the audit non-threatening and talks about the goals of the entire ISO registration system. He is always looking to help us make the standard a helpful part of our business model.

Note: I rated most things as 5 indicating that it was very good, but it does not exceed expectations. Our experience with ASR's auditors have led us to expect a high level of expertise and service. 

Gary R. Courtright

Expecting a long relationship

Our ASR auditor was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We look forward to working with ASR again. 

Nancy Gagnon
EA Patten Company

Satisfied, Knowledgable & Professional

I have been very satisfied with the service provided by ASR. The auditors are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The audits have been value-added and very helpful to our business. I will happily continue our relationship with ASR. 

Jacki Fagan
Midway Rotary Die Solutions

Excellent, Useful Feedback

Bob is a professional in every aspect. He was positive and gave us both negative and positive feedback which was greatly appreciated. 

Patsy Brownfield
YSK Corporation

An excellent auditor.

I feel Bart did a fantastic job on the audit. I would request to work with him again. Appreciate your thorough work Bart! 

Pete Fagan

Transition Audit Success

Debra did a fantastic job! She was patience and took the time to ensure we understood every step of the process. This was vital to us a we took the leap to upgrade from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. 

Carmen Murrell Randall
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

ASR's Audit - It's about People

The audit profession is not all about ticking and tying; it’s about people. Auditors need to have exceptional people skills. They need to have the ability to deal with all types of clients in all types of client situations. In certain cases, client personnel have a fear of the auditor because they don’t like someone looking over their shoulders. So the auditor must have the ability to put client personnel at ease and be able to empathize from the client perspective. It is also important for the auditor to show respect for the client. Mr. Smith does an exceptional job in all areas of his job! 

Michael R Swinney
AMS Production Machining Inc.

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