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ISO Registrar Client Testimonials

From hearing feedback from clients who have transferred to ASR, it's how we handle the audit from start to finish they appreciate the most. They enjoy the communication and timely response.

They appreciate being treated like a valued partner and not a number on a certificate. Our goal is to make the whole registration process a positive experience, from handling a question on an invoice, to answering a question on interpretation of the standard or providing a timely quote.

We also communicate throughout the audit process with the client and measure their feedback on how we are performing.

Recommended to Others

As usual, ASR has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I have never regretted recommending ASR for any of our certifications and have recommended them to other companies. 

Gerald Godburn
Connecticut Spring

Help us Improve

JIm does great job of understanding our business and his auditing will help us preform and improve our future business goals. 

Michael Kaminski
Bruco Products

Conducted a Hight Quality Audit

Jim came in and was very professional and helpful. He knows the system very well, answered all my questions efficiently and conducted a high quality audit. 

Robert Miller
EPS Industries

The best our company has ever seen.

Gary Clem was on the same level as Mike Harrison (our previous auditor) and that went a long way for Damping. These were the two best auditors, most detailed, most value added auditors our company has ever seen. Gary was great, well liked and showed a very high level of expertise with the standard. 

James Schmucker
Damping Technologies, Inc.

Received Value

We have been very happy with Karl and the value he brings to our organization. 

Tim Kauffung
Versevo Inc.

Valuable Transition to ISO 9001 2015

I've worked with Mr. Cox for a number of years and I can fully acknowledge how much he has helped this organization in meeting both old and new challenges. As we move on to implementing ISO 9001-2015, Mr. Cox has already made very valuable suggestions on the best ways to execute the implementation process at our many locations. A true professional who I depend on completely with meeting our QMS challenges. 

Jim George
CGI Federal

One of the Best

It was a pleasure to work with ASR and Jay Serra in particular. I have only been with the company for less than 2 years and have worked with Jay twice in that timeframe. I find him to be very open minded and efficient as an auditor. Throughout my career, I have worked with various Registrars and Auditors, and find your organization one of the best! 

Howard Sands
Aeroswiss, LLC.

Professional & Friendly Technique

Mr. Slabey was a very professional and detailed auditor. His auditing technique is professional and friendly. Highly recommend! 

Ed Porter
Sure Solutions/Lucerne International

Assistance and More

Bob was very helpful by sharing some of his improvement and suggestion ideas. I am looking forward to him assisting Topcraft more. 

Yalonda Bonds
Topcraft Presiosion Manufactured Solutions


Brad is always helpful. His insight is value added. 

Tracie Kriesch
Michigan Precision

New Eyes

Bob did a fine job and was a pleasure to work with. That said, we were hoping that "new eyes" might reveal opportunities for improvement. 

Ken Schuh
Dairyland Electrical Industries, Inc

Best Auditor Ever

Extremely nice, helpful and professional. Best auditor I've every had. 

Eric Scandora
Olympic Controls Corp

Knowledgeable Help

Our ASR auditor was professional, helpful, courteous and very knowledgeable. We were pleased to have her and ASR help the Vintage Air Team. 

Ryan Hecox
Vintage Air, Inc.

Reliable and Knowledgeable

ASR and ASR team is very reliable and knowledgeable in their service. Thank you. 

Mona Viroja
Accuturn Mfg. Co.

Una Auditor Excellente y Efusivo - Gracias

Matilde Hunter did a great job. Her high energy, kept us going. She took the time to meet the night before to disspell any pre-audit jitters and get to know each other on common ground. One value added item we found with Matilde is Spanish is her 1st language. This afforded our Spanish as a 1st language employees to participate in an audit. They were excited and loved participating where they were normally bypassed. Each operator interviewed is looking forward to participating again next year. The 2nd area we had a different audit experience was Matilde's energy and how she would "dig" through our processes. I don't believe we have ever had an auditor that had dug in as deep. It was a great experience seeing how our systems worked and flowed through her processes. 

Dawn Hansen
N-K Manufacturing Technologies, LLC.

Answered all our questions

Auditor had a good personality and easy to talk to. Employees felt comfortable answering his questions. 

Rick Melton
Anderson Technologies South

Improved our QMS

Jean always has good suggestions for improving our system. We have implemented several of her suggestions over the years. 

Gary Carter
Quality Machine

At ease approach

Melissa always has a way of making people being audited feel comfortable talking to her. 

Gary Carter
Quality Machine

Gold Standard Auditor

Anita is wonderful to work with and very helpful. She is what we would call the gold standard of auditors. Our ASR contact has also been great in answering questions and scheduling our audits. 

Tracy Schamel
Camco Mfg Inc.

Professional Audit Staff

I would like to thank the staff at ASR and the Auditor for being professional and knowledgeable. 

Peter Kaczor
Accurate Screw Machine Corporation

Our First Audit

It was our initial audit and first attempt with the certification process. ASR came highly recommended by our ISO consultant and she was spot on with her recommendation. We are very pleased. 

John Poplawski
Midsun Specialty Products

Professional Audit

The auditors are very professional and communicated very well with our staff. 

Charles Smith
Acromag Inc.

Excelente Auditoría

Our auditor was great, very thorough. I told her she was working us too hard (jokingly). She said it was because we were organized and had everything she needed quickly.

I particularly loved that she was able to involve our folks who speak Spanish as a 1st language. They get bypassed all the time because their accents are hard to understand. There were a few who had the biggest smiles after being audited. Some wanted to know if they can be audited again next year!  It's great they had a positive experience with her.

The owner's loved her, said she was very energetic.. 

Dawn Hansen
N-K Manufacturing Technologies, LLC

Kind and Patient

We learned so much from our auditor. She was patient and kind while explaining not only what the standard required, but why it was important. This helped us to see the bigger picture and put us more firmly on the path to succeed in the markets. 

Denice Pekel
Belmont Engineered Plastics

Diligent Work Ethic

Our ASR auditor has proved his worth through his diligent work, in-depth knowledge, and pleasant demeanor. My colleagues and I were very happy to have him as our auditor. 

Jeff Hang
Makromed, Inc.

Positive ISO 14001 EMS Audit

Thank you for the continuously positive experience with auditing our ISO 14001.  The audit plan was comprehensive and received well ahead of the audit start. Our auditor maintained a professional audit atmosphere and none of the people interviewed felt intimidated. His auditing skills are based on facts and ISO 14001 requirements. We now have a good picture of where we stand with our system and our potential areas to improve. Looking forward for next one. 

Adnan Dizdarevic
Erwin Quarder, Inc.

Helped relate requirements to our company

Our auditor was more than helpful in us achieving not only the necessary requirements for ISO 9001 but also helping us to see how this certification´s requirements relate to our company. 

Jose Zelaya

Our EMS is better with ASR

Jean has been with us now for a 3 years and brings valuable input and suggestions to better our environmental management system. We are very satisfied with ASR and Jean and hope that both will continue to be part of our team! 

Robert Eckheart
Shipston Aluminum Technologies

Flexible with our transition

ASR was EXTREMELY flexible during a unique transition in our company and an unusual situation with the Lead Auditor. They (ASR) responded in a very professional manner to meet our needs! Thank you. 

Mary Pathuis
Genzink Steel

Stage 1 Audit - Success

Ed Bufano has been a useful resource from the beginning our our Stage 1 audit. He is consistently providing feedback that continuously improves our company's processes. We offer a great deal of thanks to our auditor! 

Cynthia Hines
Accurate Control Co., LLC

A Refreshing Auditor

We have a company that wants to improve at what we do. We have many managers that help us understand "how" we can accomplish this. Its refreshing to have a Registrar and auditor team behind you that fills in the "why" we do what we do. 

Randy Goneau

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