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ISO Registrar Client Testimonials

From hearing feedback from clients who have transferred to ASR, it's how we handle the audit from start to finish they appreciate the most. They enjoy the communication and timely response.

They appreciate being treated like a valued partner and not a number on a certificate. Our goal is to make the whole registration process a positive experience, from handling a question on an invoice, to answering a question on interpretation of the standard or providing a timely quote.

We also communicate throughout the audit process with the client and measure their feedback on how we are performing.

Keeping us up to date

Our ASR auditor conducted a very professional audit and the recommendations that were made are being acted on. Particularly striking was his patience and the ability to explain what was being done and why in a manner that all who participated in the audit really understood.  This company will be a better company once the recommendations are implemented.  At this time I have no questions or concerns.

Thank you also for keeping us up to date on the ISO 9001:2015 journey to becoming reality.   The information and the frequency you send it to us is just right.


Credit to ASR

I am the Quality Supervisor at WMPM. We are working on improving our shop to complete our re certification audit. Since joining this company 2 years ago I have seen many improvements that I have to credit ASR. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with your company and am extremely happy with your services. Of course I will participate in the survey but I wanted to let you know personally. At this time I do not have any questions or concerns but in the past ASR has taken care of any issues I have in a timely fashion.

Jolene Sherd
Quality Supervisor
West Michigan Precision Machining

Education as a Value Add

Our ASR auditor was great! Definitely a value added audit. Our company came out of it more educated and understanding of AS9100 rules and requirements.

State Seal Company

Our audit improved efficiency.

Our ASR auditor has only been here for 2 audits, the first being a witness audit when he started with ASR. Everyone at Dynamic likes his auditing technique and ability to make eveyone more aware of the requirements.

We truely feel that ASR and our auditor provided a value-added audit over the last 3 weeks and will ultimately make Dynamic a leaner, more cost efficient company.

Brian Peternell
Dynamic Mfg.

You really know your stuff!

I really appreciated all of the added value this audit has brought. I've learned so much and can't wait to put it all to good use. The follow up and support from ASR has been wonderful.

I am so thankful that we went with ASR and were graced with one amazing auditor.

You really know your stuff!

Alissa L. Fergueson
Quality Assurance Manager
State Seal Company

Effective Engagement

Will-Mor truly feels that the Aerospace industry would be better served if there were more auditors that had the industry, systems and standards in-depth knowledge that our ASR assigned auditor possess. He has an exceptional talent of being able to effectively engage the staff members at all levels regarding outside in thinking related to system improvements with a one in done approach.

Our Auditor possesses a unique ability to offer insight and options without consulting. He always makes the staff member think about what the true objective of their efforts are and allows them the opportunity to suggest methods on ways the system/process could be improved. His knowledge of the international standards is in our opinion is superior. He knows the paragraphs inside and out and greater then 99% of the time can recite the verbiage of the standards from memory. It was also very evident that he took the time prior to his arrival to study the QMS documents that Will-Mor had sent him ahead of time.

It was nice to have an auditor that truly understood our system as it is structured and took the time to ensure that all staff members were not just aware of the standards requirements but he also verified compliance to our system as documented. He was willing to stay each day as long as it took to ensure that all staff members at Will-Mor understood exactly where the audit stood as well as interviewing and talking with numerous employees on both shifts.

Will-Mor Manufacturing, Inc truly believes that all auditors would gain great value if they were to be mentored by ASR's auditor and receive his input on the proper ways to verify the effectiveness of organizations business management systems as they relate to the external standards in which they are registered.
Bryan Drew
Will-Mor Manufacturing, Inc.
Fairmount Minerals

An Audit with Insight

"Our auditor is obviously very knowledgeable regarding systems and standards. He did a great job analyzing and understanding our QMS system. I appreciate all of his insight and feedback!"

John Schury
ArtiFlex Manufacturing

Professional and Knowledgable

Our ASR auditor brought a level of professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge to our third-party audits. She was fair and took the time to explain any findings - how they support the requirement or where they fall short. She thanked the auditee(s) by name and asked if they have any questions for her. It's always a pleasure working with her.
Sherri Stroebe
Pliant Plastics Corporation

Value Added Audit

"The audit process was a success.  Our ASR auditor's method and knowledge was value added to our company."

Mark Hoorn
Sun Steel Treating, Inc.

An Easy Move to ASR

It has been a pleasure working with the ASR team. ASR made our transition from our former Registrar quick and easy.

Thomas Amenta
Plainville Special Tool

One Day Audit - Very Helpful and Relaxed

Our ASR auditor was very helpful in explaining all aspects of the audit and that allowed our employees to relax and be "normal" during the audit. It was a very extensive effort for a one day audit, but very helpful.

Ray Schroeder

Ideas were helpful

Our ASR auditor was a great help in our transition from private owner to corporation. His ideas were well thought and will help in that transition.

Steven Perry
RAF Electronic Hardware

Helping Improve Our Business

Our auditor was very thorough and professional. He is knowledgeable, and is willing to provide understanding and clarity, of the ISO standards and requirements. Often time’s people are intimidated by an auditor, this is not the case with our ASR auditor. He is approachable and it is a pleasure to work with him. The audit was structured and executed very efficiently. This is my 14th year as a Techno-Coat ISO Team Member and my 2nd year as the Techno-Coat Management Rep. I can honestly say that he is one of the best auditors I have worked with.  ASR is helping us improve our business.

Jim Warners
Techno-Coat, Inc.

Our Auditor Understands Us

We hope to keep the same auditor as long as it is appropriate. We find him thorough, professional, and good to work with. At times, our unique style business is difficult to understand.  He has a good grasp of our general processes, which makes for a better flowing audit and optimum communication.

Eric Smith
Electro-Coatings of Iowa, Inc.

Pleased and Prompt

“I have had the pleasure to work with your office staff and auditor and I have to admit, I have been very pleased with the prompt and professional manner that our audits have been handled with. Kudos to ASR for supporting such a great team!”  
Jared Garbett, QMR
A Medical Company, Inc.

Smooth Audit

The ASR auditor was fantastic. As someone new to this, he was very helpful and the audit process went smoothly.

Kathy Hoerle
Leuze electronic

Excellent Auditor

We at C2 feel that the External Audit with ASR went very well. We were assigned an excellent Auditor, and it is always a pleasure to have her. Thank you for including the survey link. We should have it completed and returned before the end of the day.

Deborah I. Riggan
C2 Solutions Group, Inc.

Helped Improve Our Processes

I was extremely pleased with the audit.  I found the auditors professional, efficient, knowledgeable and quite helpful.  Their suggestions will help improve E&F’s processes and overall efficiency going forward.  Overall I’d give them both solid “A’s” and would hope that they be our ISO auditors in the future.

Richard D. Jones
President & CEO
Eckart & Finard Inc.

Thanks to the ASR Team

The "ASR experience" has been a good one for us. The transition has been smooth as we could ask for.  Send our thanks to the team up there.

Randy J. Smith

Greatly Appreciated

ASR’s audit was conducted promptly, thoroughly, professionally, and greatly appreciated.

Shannon Kelty
Electro-Coatings of Iowa, Inc.

Our Money's Worth

No suggestions for improvement. These guys are very seasoned auditors and understand the standard and its detail. Excellent auditing technique that drives value into the process. This was the first time that I felt like I was getting my money's worth.
Philip A. Vandette
Conform Automotive

Training Improved Our Quality

"MPF is grateful for the services of ASR, from keeping MPF current on ISO Standards to re-certification to directing us to Online Training Standards (affordable and relevant). All this has facilitated training MPF staff from all departments and including them on our Internal Audit Committee, making our Committee stronger which in turn is offering better input on policies shaping the future of MPF. We are extremely pleased with our relationship with ASR."

Melvin Valkner
Plant Manager
Marshall Plastic Film

Highly Recommended

“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you very much for making our registration audit an informative and pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend ASR to any company seeking an ISO partner.  My experiences with the entire ASR staff, from the initial quote through the final invoicing has been very positive.  Thank you.”
Deborah L. Mahan
MRM Industries, Inc.

Extremely Helpful

"Everyone at ASR has been extremely helpful and really great to work with."

Fred Knapp
Engraving Co., Inc.

Exceeded My Expectations

“I have worked with other Registrars in the past and ASR is the most customer focused and professional registrar I have dealt with when it comes to customer service, scheduling, conducting audits and follow-up.  ASR has exceeded my expectations.”
Roy Hanson
Quality Manager
Fairmount Minerals

Understanding Our Needs

“From the very beginning the focus of our ISO initiative was to continually improve our company and not simply comply with a customer mandate for registration.  ASR took the time to understand our needs and then asked the tough questions that resulted in the registration process being a value-added experience.”  
Ed Atanasoff
Plant Manager
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

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