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ISO Registrar Client Testimonials

From hearing feedback from clients who have transferred to ASR, it's how we handle the audit from start to finish they appreciate the most. They enjoy the communication and timely response.

They appreciate being treated like a valued partner and not a number on a certificate. Our goal is to make the whole registration process a positive experience, from handling a question on an invoice, to answering a question on interpretation of the standard or providing a timely quote.

We also communicate throughout the audit process with the client and measure their feedback on how we are performing.

Staff are now engaged

Regarding the audit, I am happy to say that there were no surprises. We find ASR services to be professional as well as helpful. My boss made comments and some assignments this morning which were based on the audit summary meeting. This is encouraging, and means that the audit probed deep enough to uncover weak areas, and the summary explanations were clear enough that the BMC staff members who are not part of the quality department are able to engage the conversation. 

Brian Rabourn
BMC Quality Engineer

Fair & Thorough

Bob was very knowledgeable and helpful with auditing techniques and philosophy. He was fair and thorough.

James Allen
SAF-Holland, Muskegon

Helpful Auditor & ASR Staff

"We were very happy with the experience and knowledge of the auditor and received a lot of helpful information from the staff at ASR. Very Satisfied and a pleasant auditing experience."

Janice Vogel
AG Mfg.

A Great Auditor

The audit went great.  Mike is a great auditor, and we request he stay on our account please. 

Cindy Robinson
Quality Manager
Envirobrite | Energy Planning Associates

AS9100 Auditor of Excellence

Our ASR auditor, Andy is extremely knowledgeable in the AS9100 Standard and handles himself and the audit in a very professional manner. It's a pleasure doing business with Andy and ASR.

Kevin Davis
Thrush Aircraft Inc.

A Gifted Auditor

Bart, our ASR auditor, knows how to point things out and be constructive without being confrontational. I really don't know how he does it, I guess its a gift he has!

Chad Wittkopp
Total Plastics

Professional and Responsive

Our ASR auditor John, is a pleasure to work with he's is very professional and is always willing to answer any questions that come up during the audit.

Gordon A. Owen
Coating Design Group, Inc.

Plan to continue with ASR

We are very pleased with our ASR auditor, Jean; and plan to continue the relationship into the foreseeable future.

Dan Hunt
Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Satisfied, Fair and Thorough

Dave is an amazing auditor. He adds so much value to the audit. He is always willing to talk through any areas of concern to eliminate any misunderstandings/questions on our part. He is extremely fair and thorough. We are very satisfied with his audits and the work he does for ASR.

Alexis Worobel
Gen-El-Mec Associates, Inc.

ASR's Mission from a Client

My experience with ASR is always very positive. They continue to meet and exceed my expectations of professionalism and courteousness. They contact me throughout the year to give us ample time to schedule our audit, to provide the information they need and to prepare for the audit. They respond to my communications in very timely manner and have always been able to accommodate our scheduling (and rescheduling) needs. Our auditor is also very professional. He makes a point not to interrupt production or business operations when communicating with management and production staff. He's also flexible throughout the audit when changes in a department's availability require adjustments to the audit schedule. He does a thorough job. He's fair. His advice is valuable, as are his recommendations for improvement and preparing for our next audit.

Buck Buchanan
Allied Moulded Products

Assessor not an Auditor

Personnel performing these audits should act more like an assessor, an evaluator, rather than an auditor.  Our ASR auditor, Marty,  was one of two such people that I've had the distinct pleasure of working with in all my years in quality management.

Matt Slovacek
General Broach Co.

Making us a better company

Our auditor, James, has always been very thorough and fair during the Audits that he has performed here. His findings have helped to make us a better company.

Bruce Medema
Fleet Engineers, Inc.

Looking to our needs

CSS began its relationship with ASR a little more than 2 years ago because our prior registrar would not allow us to add ISO 13485 to our registration. Their interpretation of the standard was that it only applied to finished product manufacturers and did not apply to component manufacturers. ASR provided a very professional presentation when we were looking for alternatives and the response was also very favorable from other companies I spoke with who were using ASR. You auditors have been professional, detailed and fair. I would not ask for anything else. Thank you all.

Gerald Godburn
Connecticut Spring

More than an audit

Your company is the 1st one that strives to make the audit valuable to Our organisation. I like this approach and believe the system is more than just standard and audit. Your company sees that. Thanks!

Kirk Crawford

Assisted and Educated

ASR and our auditor Debra goes above and beyond to assist and educate our group during the audit. She is also very helpful at looking at our process and suggesting possible improvement ideas to benefit us in the areas of Safety, Quality, and Production.

T.J. Pittman
CSX (Savannah Signal Shop)

The best auditor

I think Brad is one of the best auditors that I have every worked with and is very knowledgeable and helpful. He made us all feel at ease and gave us very good information to work with.

Kate Shavrnoch

ASR and AS9100

Many thanks to you and the ASR Team for keeping us headed in the right direction with special thanks to Bill (our ASR auditor) - he has helped us in so many ways and is just great to work with!

I have been with GAR for 31 years and we have been very selective with who we "partner" with.

We have been very fortunate to have found ASR and look forward to the challenges ahead with the transition to the (new) revision of the AS9100 Standard - we know that we can count on you to help get us there.

Guy A. Rosato
Vice President / Quality Assurance
GAR Electroforming

Transfer Testimonial

ASR is the second registrar we have used. We were certified through Perry Johnson in 2005 and now by ASR. ASR is a far superior registrar. We have been pleased exceedingly by your professionalism and audit practice.

Dennis Ames, Quality Manager
Spec Tool Company Inc

Value and Professional

Mr. Winters was extremely helpful and organized. His input had value, and he was entirely professional. We would love to have Mr. Winters audit us anytime!

Adam Shaw

A Great Team

ASR and our assigned auditor are a great team.  He always gives us great ideas for improvement and we appreciate his sharing!

Buck Buchanan
Allied Moulded Products

Willing and Able

The ASR auditor assigned to us was very professional. All of his findings were value added, which is always appreciated. He was willing to answer questions and clarify any questions/concerns that we had during the audit.

Heather Reed
Port City Group

Changed to ASR - A Good Decision

We decided to change our certification registrar three years ago. Having been through the full cycle of stage I, stage II, certification and two surveillance audits, I can now say the change was well worth it. ASR is a "professional" registrar that has a well oiled system. Far above and beyond our previous registrar. We feel we made a very good decision.

Robert Hedrick QCM
Belmont Equipment

Well thought out answers to our questions

As always, ASR audited our system with ease and familiarity. Our auditor asks questions in a way that excites whomever he is addressing, to give thorough well thought-out answers. He seems to leave everyone with a strong sense of how they fit into and the importance of their role within our system.

Becky Blatchford
RiverRun Press

A professional audit

Our audit was conducted in a professional manner and served to help us improve our Quality System.

Gerard Tejeda
Seal Bond

Proactive Audit

Our auditor did a very good job of translating what he observed in our process and relating them to the requirements of the ISO standard. He also helped us pro-actively look forward to what is needed to make our system more effective.

Mark Armitage
Craft Steel

Helped with the transition to ISO 9001:2015

"Our auditor did a great job. He was friendly and professional in all his interactions. He made a real effort to add value including suggesting improvements to our quality systems that will help us transition to ISO9001:2015"

Robert Cornwell

Taking time to explain

Our ASR auditor's professional approach is always well received with the associates. She takes the time to explain what she is auditing, what she is looking for - compliance, and explains the standard and it's intent. Her approach and knowledge of the standard sets her apart from most third-party auditors. With her help, she makes us a better company.

Sherri Stroebe
Pliant Plastics

Long Term Customer

ASR has been auditing us for several years and we are very happy with their work. We appreciate our auditor's guidance and look forward to more successful audits.

Russell Speigle
Berntsen Foundry

Understood our business

Our auditor understood our business better than our previous auditor (from a different registrar).
Jerry Roersma
Walker Tool

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