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ISO Registrar Client Testimonials

From hearing feedback from clients who have transferred to ASR, it's how we handle the audit from start to finish they appreciate the most. They enjoy the communication and timely response.

They appreciate being treated like a valued partner and not a number on a certificate. Our goal is to make the whole registration process a positive experience, from handling a question on an invoice, to answering a question on interpretation of the standard or providing a timely quote.

We also communicate throughout the audit process with the client and measure their feedback on how we are performing.

Impressive & Organized

The ASR service was impressive, very organized, with excellent timing. Thanks! 

Gisela Pagan
Prime Janitorial

To the point...

Excellent and very professional. 

Karen Spencer
M2M Machining

Thorough and Comprehensive

The entire ASR team really exceeded out expectations. Thorough and comprehensive. 

Michael Farr
Sierra Monitor Corporartion

Finally an ISO Registrar We Appreciate

As an FAA Repair Station, we undergo constant auditing: by the FAA, by all of our OEM's, and ASR. As a result, I've lost track of how many different auditors we've had, but I can say that I have never met anyone as professional and knowledgeable as Mr. Ibrahim. He's strict and thorough regarding what is requested by the standard, but he is also fair. 

Tracey Gerber

Another Value Added Audit

Bob was very professional and very thorough. There's no doubt he added value to our processes. 

Lynn Trull

Genuine Desire to Help

ASR approached the audit from a genuine desire to help us. We really enjoyed having Ed as our auditor and would like him back! 

James Tauzin
Thompson Pipe Group

Second to None

The Audit went fine and we (and ASR) are so fortunate to have such a fine, fine, gentleman  - namely Bill DuPre, working with us and conducting a thorough and comprehensive Audit.  His experience and knowledge of the material being Audited is second to none.

We have just finished our first 3 year contract and have signed another (3 year) one, so when the new one is up, that will be 6 years total, and we will have to request a new Auditor - I hope Bill will still have the interest to keep working so that when our new Auditor's 6 years is up, Bill can come back!!

Guy A. Rosato
Vice President / Quality Assurance
GAR Electroforming

We Learn Each Time

We learn so much during each audit. 

Patricia Ogrodowski
Peerless Instrument

A following

I picked ASR because I used them at my last company. As before, ASR was easy to work with and professional. Thank You ASR and Jim Warners. 

Christopher L. Beck

We recommend ASR

We have been very happy with ASR, and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a new registrar. We have had two different auditors sense switching to ASR, and have been very pleased with both. 

Kenny Paulson
Nix Manufacturing, Inc.

Easy going, fair, knowledgable

I believe that Bill did a complete and thorough job of auditing our facility to the AS-9100 standard. We are new to the AS-9100 standard so there is still a lot for us to learn. Bill did a good job of explaining what was required for each element of the standard and fair when reviewing our objective evidence. I was comfortable working with Bill because of he was clear on his interpretation of the standard and explained exactly what he wanted to see for the objective evidence. He also had an easy going personality that made those being audited feel more relaxed. 

David Hoague
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics in Bristol, RI

Easy to Work with

As someone who was pretty unfamiliar with the ISO process, ASR has made the process of getting certified pretty painless. Thank you for being very easy to work with, clear in your requests for records and documentation, and a pleasure to have in our facility. 

Ben Zoppa
Diversity Enterprise Solutions

Looking forward to our next audit

Karls' auditing style is professional and allows our employees to feel comfortable while answering questions about their role within HMC. We look forward to his next visit. 

Kelley Daugherty
Hastings Manufacturing Company

Professional and objective

Jim did an excellent job. Very personable, professional and objective. 

Bruce Koesterer
Grand Haven Steel Products, Inc.

A fair and comprehensive audit

Our company is continually looking for ways to improve. What we appreciate most about the audits from Doug is that not only do we get a fair and comprehensive audit of our Quality Management System as it currently stands, we also get great insights on what we can do to bring our system to the next level. 

William VanDeVusse
VanAire, Incorporated

Going Above & Beyond

George Hummel performed both our Stage 1 and Stage 2 ISO 9001:2008 audits, and we found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the ISO standard and the audit process. Additionally, George was great to work with and very personable. You guys definitely went above and beyond to exceed our expectations and we were extremely satisfied with ASR in general, and George in particular!

Matt Pogue
TechGuard Security, LLC

An appreciative client

The entire staff is appreciative of the respectful manner in which this audit was conducted. 

Lori Darcy

Happy Returns

It was a pleasure working with Jim over the course of our audit. We felt he was a very fair and thorough auditor and added value to our system. We will be more than happy to have Jim back as our Registrar Auditor. 

Lynn Trull

ASR did their homework before our audit.

The auditor was very well prepared and it was obvious she had read/reviewed our Quality Management System Manual and other documents before arriving at our facility. She conducted a fair and thorough audit. 

John Hand
Hand Industries, Inc.

Unbiased AS9120 Audit

Ibrahim provided valuable insight into the AS9120 requirements and provided us with a fair unbiased assessment of our QMS. 

Fred Randall
Hollingsworth Distribution Systems

Fast and Detailed

Thank you for the quick turn around on your comprehensive and detailed report. I don't recall ever receiving such a report with the level of detail that you have provided.  I also want to thank you for forwarding the information on the ISO 2015 training classes.   Thank you for being a wonderful resource for us.

It really has been a pleasure working with you. 

Maria Brooks-Neal
ISO Coordinator
Livanta LLC

Conversational Audit

Everyone from ASR was great to work with!

Bob was very good at making the audit feel more like a conversation throughout the facility. 

JT Hammond

Auditors are our assets

Melissa is a very personable auditor and should be considered an asset to ASR. She has been and I'm certain will continue to provide value added audits to our company. 

Kelly Brummett
Specialty Steel Treating, Inc.

A comfortable audit

Hilton does a great job. He goes through the specified areas and communicates clearly. He also makes everyone in the shop feel comfortable when approached. Does a great job. 

Bob Shultz
Premier Seals Mfg.

We look forward to ASR audits - Really

It is always a pleasure having Jim audit our system. We look forward to his audits and want to show him improvement. He handles situations in a way that is very positive, even when we need to correct or improve something.

Overall a very good experience. 

Ted Gehan
Warmington Industries Inc.

Transferred to ASR - Good Decision

ASR has been extremely helpful in the transfer of Certification since purchasing our company. ASR provided assistance where needed to keep us informed. The transfer audit was very helpful and gave us great direction for our Quality System. 

Jeff Beck
ACE Extrusion, LLC.

Helped us grow

Doug was exceptional to work with this year and last. We appreciate Doug's willingness to offer his knowledge and help our team grow. We look forward to working with Doug and ASR in the future. 

Joe Palmatier
Montisa Medical

ASR went beyond the norm.

ASR has been very flexible responding to rescheduling associated with readiness on our side. One were were able to proceed with Stage 1 and Stage 2, they were able to be completed as scheduled. The auditor Andy Bravo was outstanding - one of the best auditors we have had from knowledge, thoroughness, professionalism and style. He was very open and helpful - he readily explained things we did not understand about the new standard (moving from ISO to AS). He audited areas past auditors never addressed and stayed to involve the second shift helping them become involved. Any questions for the home office have been addressed quickly and professionally. Very happy with our decision to move to ASR. 

Rick Hall
Tier ONE

Help with new ISO requirements

We are very pleased to have Brad as our Auditor again as we work toward implementation of the changes in the ISO requirements. He is very helpful and provides good recommendations for improvement. 

Pete Murray
System Components

Enlightening Audit

Brad is always very helpful and enlightening. We appreciate his work. ASR is great company to work with. 

Alex Kincade
Regal Finishing

Help with ISO 9001:2015

Carol answered our questions pertaining to the 2015 revision to the standard and provided valuable insight on the differences with the 2008 revision. 

Ron Lewis
Alpha Sheet Metal Works

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